About Us

Luxe Yoga and Fitness is more than just a yoga studio.

Our laid-back boutique fitness studio on the Northern Beaches has a unique mix of classes including Aerial Yoga, Step Fusion, Hip Hop Yoga, Barre, Boxing, HIIT Strength & Define, Rhythm Ride, Spin, Pilates, Melt & Burn and Yoga, as well as an onsite café.  

We believe in the balance of yin and yang; the fine art of being social while also giving yourself space for self-love, nourishing your body while treating yourself, and challenging your muscles to a strong workout while allowing time for a meditative wind down and lighter movement.

Let us help you find your balance to reach your lifestyle goals.  

Our holistic approach to well-being goes beyond the realm of exercise. We partner with like-minded, experts in various health and fitness industries to bring our members exclusive offers that will give the mind, body, and soul some unconditional love.

We can’t wait to have you be part of our Luxe community.  

“Luxe has been a game changer for me. The instructors actually take the time to get to know you, and that comes across in the vibe of the studio. And the classes are a perfect balance of feeling at home and physically challenging. I’ve gone from dreading exercise to hating a day without it. I’ve even starting spin class again after 20 years! Thanks to Luxe, I’ve fallen in love with being fit again” Leesa

“A bright beautiful space with a relaxed vibe and friendly supportive people. To me – a reflection of the northern beaches” Ziva