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Our holistic approach to well-being goes beyond the realm of exercise

At Luxe, we partner with like-minded experts in various health and wellness disciplines to bring our members exclusive offers. The intention is to give your mind, body, and soul some unconditional love.

When you sign up as an on-going member, you can take advantage of these offers.  

If you would like to enquire about these member offers, please email our team at membership@luxeyoga.com.au


Jennica, our lovely yoga teacher, is a woman of many talents who has her own Kinesiology business located at the studio. Jennica is offering every Luxe Yoga & Fitness member a free Kinesiology session. 
So, what exactly is Kinesiology? 
Kinesiology is a way to uncover stress that you might not be consciously aware of. Combining her knowledge in exercise physiology, martial arts, yoga, medicine and kinesiology, Jennica uses western techniques and eastern philosophy to identify what is blocking the body’s natural ability to heal itself which in turn, helps clients gain clarity, release subconscious stress, and find peace. 


To help bring some calm and peace in these times we have scheduled a special online meditation course with local meditation teacher Bianca.

What we love about this course is that you’ll learn a straightforward, powerful meditation technique and gain the confidence to know that you are meditating correctly. 

The Being technique, which triggers the relaxation response, releases stress, and strengthens deeper self-connection.

Bianca is a certified meditation teacher, holistic life coach, and pharmacist based in Freshwater, and she is all about making meditation practical and enjoyable as part of our modern lives.

Next course: 13-15 Jan

To learn more about the course or to book, head over to @biancahavukainen_meditation and click on the link in her bio.


As any ride enthusiast will tell you, wearing clip-in cycling shoes is an absolute game changer and TIEM ATHLETIC USA are the leaders in the industry. Your ride experience will become more powerful as TIEM Slipstream shoes allow you to put in more energy into every pedal stroke.

As the exclusive Australian distributor of TIEM, our members can access these high performance shoes, AND make a fashion statement while getting fit!

If you are interested in ordering your own TIEM’s, please contact us at reception.

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