Our classes are available in the studio and virtually via zoom

Aerial Yoga

Come and practice yoga poses while being elevated above the earth and hanging from the sky. We combine air asanas with heart-rate elevating intervals to ensure you get a workout, spinal release and rush from being upside down all at once! You’ll learn new tricks while also getting a deep stretch.

This class is in the studio only.  


A ballet-inspired workout that combines movements that enhance balance, flexibility and challenge muscles you didn’t know you had.  Experience the low impact yet challenging short bursts of high intensity mixed with your traditional barre class for a full body workout. Get ready to sweat! Grip socks are required for this class.  

This class is available in studio or via live zoom.  

Flow Fit

The perfect combination of conditioning and flow. A strength class based on yoga poses with a focus on core, arms and glutes. This class combines bodyweight exercises with a relaxing stretch at the end. It will leave you feeling stronger, energized and flexible. 

This class is available in studio or via live zoom. 

Melt & Burn

The ultimate sweat! Tone your muscles and melt body fat fast in this high-intensity interval workout with minimal rest. A circuit class with a mix of strength and conditioning stations. Available for all fitness levels, each exercise can be modified to suit.

This class is in the studio only. 


If you are thinking mat Pilates isn’t exciting enough….think again! A core engaging class with variation and mindful muscle connection that focuses on alignment, strength, balance and flexibility. Set to awesome tunes, it’s a party atmosphere as you strengthen your core, improve flexibility, develop better balance and increase fitness. Suitable for all levels and abilities. 

This class is available in studio or via live zoom. 

Power Flow

If you like a strong practice, we have it for you. This dynamic class synchronizes movement and breath in a continuous flow of poses. Power Flow classes are suitable for all levels, with variations and modifications offered throughout the class to support beginner students. 

This class is available in studio or via live zoom. 


A traditional spin class where you’ll increase your cardiovascular fitness in just 45 minutes. With sprints, interval training and hill climbs, you’ll be sure to work up a sweat while listening to epic tunes.

This class is in studio only.

Rhythm Ride

Rhythm ride isn’t your run of the mill spin class. As soon as you arrive you can feel the magic that is about to happen. With a neon-lit room splashed with inspirational quotes across the walls and music that speaks to your soul, the experience is like nothing else on the Northern Beaches. Our 45-minute cycling class features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, and rhythm-based choreography where we ride to the beat. It’s so much more than just a workout, it’s a powerful mind-body experience. 

This class is in studio only. 

Slow Flow

Our Slow Flow classes are slower paced and gentler than our Power Flow classes. Postures are generally held for longer periods, and the transitions between poses are a little slower.

The gentle nature of this class is great for beginners, but is also wonderful for intermediate and advanced students who feel like slowing it down and sinking deeper into their practice.

This class is available in studio or via live zoom.

Soul Flow

You’ll slow it down and breathe to the beat of a soulful playlist. In the first half you’ll find your flow, and in the second half, you’ll linger in longer holds – yin style. It is ideal for those newer to yoga, or seasoned yogis ready to slow the pace, enter deep within, and discover more of their practice. Please bring a mat and towel. 

This class is available in studio or via live zoom. 

Soulful Sundays

Restore your body and mind and explore the connection between in this amazing class. Dive into deep relaxation with breath work, movement, meditation, yin yoga and sweet sounds all fused into one experience for the mind, body and soul.  

This class is available in studio or via live zoom. 

Step Fusion

Experience a combination of cardio and functional strength exercises on the Step.  Using traditional step moves as a base, this class develops into a functional training sequence which which will make your heart pound and your muscles flex. The perfect combo of squats, lunges, planks and push-ups are skillfully woven into a Step workout like no other, challenging your fitness, strength, co-ordination and balance. Set to the backdrop of club music, this class will leave you on a high!

Step Fusion is available in studio only.

Strength & Define

Get ready to sweat, sculpt and define those muscles. A strength-based full body circuit workout designed to hit all the major muscle groups. All exercises can be modified to suit all levels. 

This class is in the studio only. 

Yin Yoga

Find stillness with our Yin Yoga classes. They are a slow-paced and calming style of yoga. Poses are held for longer periods of time with a focus on floor-based postures. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia) to help improve flexibility and create the feeling of space and freedom in your body. You will leave feeling amazing! These classes are suitable for all levels and are a perfect complement to our more ‘yang’ vinyasa flow and fitness classes.

This class is available in studio or via live zoom. 

Here’s some handy advice for your first visit:      

Arrive 10 minutes early, to check in for your class.

Bring a towel and water bottle to all classes. Please bring a yoga mat to all studio classes. Grip socks are required for barre classes. You can bring your own or we have some for purchase. 

We have lockers, showers, changing rooms, and bathrooms available for your use. 

Entry into class is not permitted once the class has started 

Our teachers are more than happy to modify movements to your ability. Please let the teachers know if you are pregnant or have any injuries before class.  

If you need to change or cancel your spot in class, please ensure you do so at least outside the late 2 hour cancellation period.