Revive – Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra Workshop

If you are always feeling tired, overworked and constantly in need of a holiday to rest; this event is for you.

Join Malinda for a 90-minute restorative event that is guaranteed to help you slow down, rest and revive your body and mind.

You will begin with traditional meditation to help still your mind before diving into 60 minutes of restorative yoga, where we will align the physical and the mental by practising very gentle stretches for 10-15 minutes each. We will finish with 20 minutes of guided yoga nidra, otherwise known as yogic sleep. This is a very powerful meditation technique, which beautifully complements the benefits of restorative yoga as it brings you to an elevated state of deep relaxation.

Fitness level required = zero
Flexibility required = zero
Yoga experience required = zero
Benefits = countless!

Next workshop date coming soon!

$50 for Luxe members // $65 for non-members

To secure your place, email us at

Pilates and Pamper

Spend the ultimate girl’s day out with your daughter, niece or special teenager in your life at the upcoming Pilates and Pamper afternoon. The indulgent workshop is a 2-hour self-care session where you’ll attend a Pilates class followed by a healthy high tea and pampering.  Experiment with toxin-free skincare, face masks and makeup and learn about the benefits of skincare. Ideal for mums, aunties, grandmothers or carers who would like to spend a healthy fun afternoon with a teen in their life who will benefit from learning how to develop healthy exercise and skin habits (aged 10 and above). 

The afternoon will be run by Mairi, a Polestar Pilates teacher, Arbonne independent consultant, remedial massage therapist, and health and wellness coach.

Saturday 3rd of October
3 pm to 5 pm at Luxe Yoga & Fitness
$50 for two Luxe members // $60 for two non-members
Please bring a mat and towel for the Pilates class

Please contact Mairi with any dietary requirements. $5 from each booking will go to Arbonne’s Flourish Foundation as well as Batyr, an Australian Mental Health initiative for teenagers.

To secure your place, email us at

Into the Breath

Come experience Into the Breath with our very own Lailla. Breathwork is an experiential process where you can gain a deep level of insight. It deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning, negative thoughts and emotions. It supports people in addressing core issues held in the subconscious while also expanding consciousness. Benefits include reduced stress and increased energy, a safe release of past emotions and traumas, opens creativity and expression, unravels negative experience and releases toxins. 

Friday September 18th 
715pm – 915pm 
$45 for Luxe Yoga & Fitness members 
$55 non members 

Please bring a blanket to keep warm and a mat 

To secure your place, email us at

Women’s Shakti Vinyasa

Bella, our Soulful Sunday Yoga teacher, is holding a Women’s Shakti Vinyasa afternoon at Luxe Yoga & Fitness. With a background in dance, women’s circles, holistic healing, sound therapy, and massage, Bella will guide you through an unforgettable afternoon where you will journey through pranayama, vinyasa, entrancement, dance, divine Women & mukti. 
You’ll explore the multi-sensory experience of becoming present to the natural pulse and waves that scintillate the underpinnings of our nature in bliss and freedom. 
Please dress comfortably for movement and dance. Feel free to be creative and express yourself through decorative scarfs, shawls, adornments, hair down and loose; anything that enriches you. Bring a blanket to rest into a sound bath to seal our practice. Ceremonial cacao is provided. 

Next workshop date coming soon! 
4 pm – 6 pm 
$35 for Luxe Yoga & Fitness members 
$45 non members 

To secure your place, email us at

Sky Temple Sound Bath

Find bliss in this deeply restorative aerial yoga class with live sound healing.

Surrender to the embrace of gravity and nurture your inner frequency. In this 90-minute class, Lailla will guide you through a restorative yoga sequence supported by aerial yoga whilst bathe in the healing sounds of singing bowls, Japanese koshi bells, medicine drum and Tibetan gong, played by Bella.

Friday 9 October 7:15 pm to 8:45 pm
$59 for Luxe members // $69 for non members

To secure your place, email us at


Straight forward meditation techniques to help you feel deeply rested, less stressed, and more in-tune with yourself.  This is a comfortable and personalised course suits all levels of experience; whether you are looking to learn to meditate for the first time, or you are an experienced mediator wanting to deepen your practice or get back into it.    Over three 90-minute sessions you’ll learn to meditate effectively with a Being technique (even if you think you could never quiet your mind!) and to create a daily meditation routine for yourself – the key to experiencing the full benefits of meditation.   During the course, students often report feeling calmer, clearer-minded, more rested, peaceful and focused, with benefits continuing to deepen with ongoing practice.   

The meditation that you will learn is the One Giant Mind Being meditation, a straightforward yet profound meditation that:   Effortlessly triggers the relaxation response   Gives deep rest    Releases stress and fatigue   Strengthens deeper self-awareness and self-connection    

This is a three-session course presented by local meditation teacher Bianca Havukainen.  
Friday 25 September 7 pm to 8:30 pm   
Saturday 26 September 3 pm to 4:30 pm   
Sunday 27 September 2 pm to 3:30 pm  

The One Giant Mind 3-Day Learn Meditation Course is $269 for Luxe members and $299 for non members and includes:  Ongoing follow up support, questions and access to follow up group meditation sessions and refresher course

To secure your place, email us at