Kristy’s practise has spanned decades, hemispheres, and different roles as an actress, presenter, coach, and yoga teacher. 
Having first been introduced to yoga as a therapy to move through grief, the asana was a portal into Kristy’s exploration of mindfulness. Working with an array of esteemed international teachers, Kristy’s own practise, and teaching deepen as she consistently focuses on learning and growth.  Kristy’s passion for powerful Vinyasa with intelligent sequencing and peak poses is balanced by her soulful slow flows and harmonising Yin classes.  
An instinct for the playful and pondering of the philosophical, you can expect some light, at times laughter and always introspection, while increasing your breath awareness and mind-body connection.  
Kristy teaches Power Flow, Yin, Soul Flow and Rhythm Ride at Luxe Yoga and Fitness. 


Lailla started her yoga journey 16 years ago back in her hometown in Brazil. Her passion for health and spirituality has taken her around the world where she has studied ancient traditions, natural healing modalities, and movement practices.  
Her classes are infused with joy and her workshops are a powerful and profound experience. “I believe that movement and breath is an opportunity to expand our awareness and get to know ourselves better. When we go to yoga or a breathwork workshop we are making a conscious choice to nourish our bodies and souls through practice.” Says Lailla.  
Lailla teaches Power Flow, Aerial Yoga, Yin and Flow Fit. She also runs breathwork workshops at Luxe Yoga and Fitness.


Yoga has changed Tracey’s life over the past 16 years, and she loves sharing her experience and passion in an authentic and fun way through movement and breathing.  

Tracey believes that every time you step on the mat it is an opportunity to slow down and get out of your head and into your body. Her strong classes are an opportunity to dive deeper, to look at yourself, your habits and tendencies and how you hold yourself back. Tracey asks her students to step out of their comfort zone and show up for themselves as it is when we are challenged that we can truly rise to be a better version of ourselves. 

Tracey teaches Power Flow at Luxe Yoga and Fitness.  


Sarafina is a Pilates, Barre and 200-hour registered yoga instructor. In addition to her certifications she holds a Graduate Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition which grants her a unique insight of how the body functions during exercise.  Sarafina’s background in dance cultivated a passion for the body in motion at an early age, which led to her career as a fitness instructor. Her classes are fun and energetic while focusing on the importance of functional movement. 

Sarafina teaches Barre and Pilates at Luxe Yoga and Fitness.


Sammy grew up living in a van and travelling to various music festivals around New Zealand. Always the wild child in the crowd, it was here she fell in love with music at a young age. With a spin teacher for a mum and a passion for exercise, it was only natural that she followed the same path where she could combine her passion for intense workouts and grooving to the music.

Sammy loves the energy and passion riders bring to class and loves nothing more than seeing each rider pushing themselves while having fun to the playlist. Whether you are after an escape from reality, a dance party, a hardcore workout or a place to lose yourself to the beat, you’ll always leave Sammy’s classes feeling worked, energized and with a smile on your face. 

Sammy spends her early mornings in the ride room energising riders and her days working on her freelance marketing business and as the Luxe Yoga & Fitness Sales and Marketing Manager.

Sammy teaches Rhythm Ride and Strength & Define at Luxe Yoga and Fitness.


Jamai is our all-round fitness junkie. With a background in rugby league, mixed martial arts, surfing, yoga and personal training, Jamai is a talented teacher with a wealth of experience. His classes are upbeat, challenging and will leave you feeling strong and empowered.

Jamai teaches Strength & Define and Box Fit at Luxe Yoga and Fitness.


After discovering Rhythm Ride while living in the Philippines, Emma has been the key driver in perfecting the art of our unique choreographed version of a spin class over the last three years.  As a qualified personal trainer for 10 years and Nutri-Grain Ironwoman competitor, this powerhouse runs a fast paced, energetic class that will leave you breathless with a smile. Emma left her corporate job to focus on her fitness career at Luxe, a place she holds very close to her a heart. “Luxe is a very special place to me, everyone is like a family”. 

Emma loves nothing more than riding to the beat with a room full of people, “the adrenaline and connection you feel with everyone in that room is electric and so rewarding”. You’ll have a laugh, have a dance and work push yourself to your limit.

Emma teaches Rhythm Ride, Melt & Burn and Baby Luxe pre and post natal classes at Luxe Yoga and Fitness.  


Jennica has a degree in human biology, masters in cognitive neuropsychology and PhD Medicine. With over 25 years in the health and fitness industry, Jen uses her experience and knowledge to craft unique, thought-provoking classes that speak to your soul.  It is guaranteed that by the time you leave her class you leave your mat as a slightly different, changed, evolved human being. On top of teaching, her kinesiology business and being a mum to three gorgeous girls, she is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Jennica teaches Power Flow, Yin and Ride at Luxe Yoga and Fitness. Jennica is also offering every Luxe member a complimentary kinesiology session.


Andy is a passionate writer, surfer and 500hr qualified yogi. Her classes are strong, incorporating flexibility, strength and mobility without forgetting a serious dose of fun! She believes that no class should ever go without a funky playlist and loves to make you laugh till you sweat, and sweat till you laugh. Between classes, Andy runs her own all-girls surf/yoga retreats in tropical locations around the globe and loves to meld elements of surfing and yoga together to make for a unique, intelligently sequenced class. With a focus on marrying breath and flow together, you’ll find yourself dancing through a class that moves both mind and body.

Andy teaches Power Flow and Hip Hop Yoga at Luxe Yoga and Fitness. 


Malinda is a dedicated student of yoga with a passion for inspiring others to realise their true potential. After years of battling chronic illnesses such as epilepsy, depression, anxiety and ulcerative colitis, she stepped into a yoga studio and found a new way of life.

Malinda believes in the therapeutic power of yoga. In her classes you will learn to become kinder to yourself and practical tools to use in everyday life. Having a background in the performing arts, Malinda uses her experience with voice and movement to guide you into a space where your mind and body will feel safe, nourished and present.

Malinda teaches Slow Flow, Yin and Power Flow at Luxe Yoga and Fitness


Bella’s yoga experience spans across ashtanga, hatha and vinyasa practices that she learnt in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga. This Central American, Tassie-raised, warm-natured yogi has a humble approach to life that radiates into her classes. With a passion for dancing, holistic healing, sound therapy and zenthai shiatsu massage, Bella uses a variety of techniques to make you feel special and vibrant after each class.

Bella teaches Power Flow, Yin and Soulful Sunday at Luxe Yoga & Fitness.

She also runs Sound Temple workshops and offers incredible ZenThai massages on site our studio.


Joel started his career in the health and fitness industry in California, working at a gym reception and as a personal trainer. Following a career in basketball, Joel became one of the original “Spinning” instructors and has been teaching cycle for almost 30 years. His career has spanned the globe, owning and managing health clubs from Los Angeles to New York where he trained many high-profile celebrities and professional athletes for film and television roles or for upcoming basketball seasons. This opened many doors and led to Joel writing featured articles for Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, LA/NY Times, Cycling and Australian Institute of Sport. He was then exposed to television roles on HBO, VH1, A&E and Fit TV as a fitness correspondent and health expert.

In 2006, Joel moved with his family to Sydney and gave up his professional career to be a stay at home father, the biggest and most rewarding role throughout his entire career.

Joel teaches Ride at Luxe Yoga and Fitness


Kendra has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, with roles varying from Dietetics,  Personal Training, Group Exercise and over 15 years in Studio Management.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in both Nutrition and Exercise Science, and teaches STOTT Pilates, Power Yoga, Les Mills Body Pump, Boxing, Spin & Aqua, but her all time fave is a good HIIT sweat session! High intensity is where it’s at, followed by a relaxing yin, of course!  Kendra’s style is fast paced and dynamic, upbeat and fun. You’ll often get coerced into singing along, smiling through the sweat and laughing along with the lunges!! You might often say to yourself “We never know what to expect next…” in one of Kendra’s classes.  The priority is always a great workout, with a sprinkle of joy! 

Kendra teaches Melt & Burn, Strength and Define, Pilates and Ride at Luxe Yoga and Fitness


Dani has over 30 years of experience as a group exercise instructor, health club manager and small business owner. Her passion is to deliver motivating and effective training to help people gain confidence, motivation and feel better about themselves. 

In addition to teaching and managing health clubs, she runs outdoor cycling sessions where she helps people who need encouragement to get back on a bike or want to improve their fitness.

Dani has qualifications in Fitness, Sports Psychology, level 1 Coach and various training certificates within the industry. Over the years, she competed in endurance events such as mountain biking and kayaking including road cycling, and also represented NSW in equestrian.  

Only recently, she has taken up horse Polo,  although she finds herself ditching the mallet and riding the horse for fun like the good old days!

Dani teaches Rhythm Ride and Step Fusion at Luxe Yoga & Fitness.


Demi loves working with people, and thrives off making new connections and getting to know our members. Demi’s fitness journey started in 2017 when she lost 15kg, and fell in love with fitness and decided to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer.

When she’s not coaching others, Demi loves smashing out HIIT classes, going on hikes and adventuring out in nature. She’s also joined the masses with a new found love for the benefits of Barre!

Demi teaches Melt & Burn at Luxe Yoga and Fitness and manages reception on Saturdays.


Tamila loves extreme sports and nature. She was the Brazilian Champion sandboarder (yes…. like snowboarding but sliding in sand dunes) and was 2005 World Champion. As an athlete she understood early the concept of strengthening her body in a gentle and effective way and she found that through Mat Pilates. 

She also loves the rehab side of Pilates as she needed it in order to recover from many injuries she acquired throughout her sports journey. In 2010 she fell in love with the Manly lifestyle, and decided to add a diploma in Sports Management at ICMS to her degree in Social Commmunication.

Tamila qualified as a Pilates Instructor through the Brazilian technique NeoPilates which combines Mat Pilates, Functional Training and Circus Activities. Later on she got a qualification in Aerial Yoga and Circuit Pilates (which involves bare and cardio). 

Tamila finds her balance through her practice and her time in the ocean (her happy place) she believes that a happy human is the one who understands the importance of feeding the soul, the body and the spirit and does it in the healthiest and truest way.

Tamila teaches Aerial Yoga, Barre and Tween Aerial at Luxe Yoga and Fitness.


Janika is an energetic, passionate and holistic vinyasa teacher. Combining her work as an Interior designer with her passion for yoga, She teaches creative flows that support students to express themselves through movement. Allowing students to be curious & playful while encouraging them to create space through the use of breath. 

Combining functional anatomy with modern alignment and her passion for creativity, Janika aims to create unique experiences within her yoga classes. Born & raised in Tasmania Janika has a down to earth & relaxed personality that is present among all of her classes. She fell in love with yoga over 15 years ago and since has seen the positive effects it has brought to her physical and mental wellbeing. She thrives to share the rewarding benefits of the yoga practice with her students.

Janika teaches Pilates, Power Flow, Soul Flow and Yin at Luxe Yoga and Fitness


You’ll know already Danielle as a dedicated Luxe member who always has a big beautiful smile on her face. Dan found her way to Luxe several years ago while battling chronic illnesses (Type 1 Diabetes and severe Endometriosis). She joined after her specialist suggested spin classes and she fell in love after her very first class! 

Spinning has shown Dan that absolutely anything is possible, that the mind and body are far more capable than you realise. You are never too old, and it’s never too late to try something new. Ride classes are part of the holistic approach Danielle has in managing her health, and the endorphin high is real…

Danielle is the mother of three young adult daughters who love Luxe as much as she does! She is a certified Group Fitness and Spin Instructor, and her style of ride class is nurturing but
challenging with fun tunes and the promise of everyone leaving sweaty and smiling.

Dan teaches Rhythm Ride at Luxe Yoga and Fitness and is the beautiful smiling face at Luxe reception on Monday-Thursday each week.


As a Fitness Instructor, Nutrition and Dietetics and Wellness Coach, Julie endeavors to help people achieve the foundations for a happy and healthy work/life/family balance and explores exercise and diet to maintain health and mobility.

Julie’s passion is helping people understand the benefits of exercise, nutrition and wellness, encouraging them to incorporate exercise and quality food into their lives.

With over a decade of experience in Group Exercise and Personal Training, Julie loves nothing more than seeing people reach their full potential and living their best life.

Exercise should be fun, it isn’t always easy.. but it’s worth it. No-one ever said “I wish I hadn’t worked out today!”

Julie teaches Ride at Luxe Yoga & Fitness.


Anthony has been actively involved in the health and wellness industry since 1996. After an early career in real estate development, he quickly realized that his true passion was teaching movement and working with people to become the best versions of themselves through leading a healthy lifestyle. He has successfully founded and operated his own personal training and yoga studios in Denver, Colorado, as well as Sydney, Byron Bay, Hobart, Flinders Island and most recently Belgrade, Serbia. 

Anthony teaches a strong and dynamic, vinyasa inspired flow. One where you will be sure to sweat and be encouraged to grow the physical part of your practice, all whilst finishing feeling calm, refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day. 

Anthony teaches Power Flow at Luxe Yoga & Fitness

Lucy M

Combining her love of music and yoga, Lucys classes offer an opportunity for students to tune into their bodies, challenge themselves appropriately and leave class feeling a sense of stillness and balance. 

Expect a playlist to help deepen the connection and a little live music to finish off.

Lucy teaches Soul Flow at Luxe Yoga & Fitness