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Want to become a better rider?

By Sammy Gibson We hold Rhythm Ride and Ride close to our hearts. Our neon-lit dark disco room with motivational quotes splashed on the walls is a place many of our members come to focus, let go, laugh and get seriously fit. It’s a total mind body experience and the benefits of increased fitness, a stronger heart… More

The secret to mastering gratitude

The reopening of the studio got us thinking…how do we continue this feeling of gratitude? How do we stay grateful for the little things we once took for granted?Gratitude is a practice, an attitude. Something that needs to be worked at. Just like anything in life, if we want to be good at something we need to… More

Remix your workout routine

By Sammy Gibson Pre-lockdown you may have been a devoted yogi, HIIT enthusiast or hard-core rider. But we know lockdown made us reflect and reset, so now is a great time to mix up your previous routine with variety. Here are a few of the benefits of incorporating a mix of classes into your routine. You’ll stay motivated When your weekly routine includes different… More

So, what’s the difference between Rhythm Ride & Ride?

By Sammy Gibson Rhythm Ride is our signature class that we hold closely to our hearts. With a neon-lit room splashed with inspirational quotes across the walls and music that speaks to your soul, the experience is like nothing else on the Northern Beaches. This 45-minute cycling class features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, and rhythm-based choreography where… More


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