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Benefits of Ride and Rhythm Ride

By Sammy Gibson For some, a spin class is an intimidating experience. Visions of not being able to keep up or long continuous songs can put people off from trying it out. The truth is, it is your ride. You are in control. If you venture outside of your comfort zone and attend class, you’ll be sure to reap… More

Workout your soundtrack

By Belinda Nowell. Find her on instagram @belindanowell Have you ever gone for a run blasting Eye of the Tiger?Found yourself singing as you power walk to Run the World by Beyonce?Tried to keep down your mum’s spaghetti to Lose Yourself by Eminem?You probably crushed it far better than you would listening to Simon &… More

How to stay motivated in winter

Get your workout clothes ready the night before If you are booked in for an early class, make sure you are organised when that 530am alarm chimes at the crack of dawn. It’s a little too easy to swipe snooze and fall back to sleep in winter so by setting your intentions the night before… More

How to achieve wellness

By Sammy Gibson We are all guilty of it. You find a style of exercise that you love and stick to, only to find that after a while your fitness starts to plateau and lack of motivation creeps in. Variety is the answer. To achieve wellness, our minds AND bodies need constant adjustments to see results. Diversifying your routine is key. Mix… More


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