Effective Oct 11th, our Interim Timetable is in place as we transition back to full capacity following lockdown

  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
615am Rhythm Ride  Ride Ride

Rhythm Ride

615am Strength
& Define
Melt & Burn Power Flow Ab Smash Power Flow    
715am       Barre Pilates Sculpt  
730am Power Flow  Soul Flow          
815am       Ride   Power Flow  
830am            815am Ride Rhythm Ride
915am Sculpt   Sculpt     Yin Yoga


930am   Power Flow   Pilates Hip Hop Yoga     
1030am     Yin Yoga     Aerial Yoga  
1200pm         Ride    
400pm    TWEEN Aerial    TWEEN Aerial      
430pm             Soulful Sunday
530pm Soul Flow Barre Aerial Yoga Power Flow  Yin Yoga    
545pm Rhythm Ride    Rhythm Ride        
630pm Yin Yoga   Pilates Aerial Yoga      

All LUXE yoga and pilates classes are available as virtual classes via Zoom (excluding Aerial Yoga and Barre).

Please check the Luxe Yoga & Fitness app to stay updated with any schedule changes.