Tips from a first time Luxe Rhythm Rider

By Belinda Nowell

“I promise, you won’t die…”

These were my friend’s final words as the lights turned neon and the music pumped.
This is not a Luxe mantra. It was a response to the fourth time I’d asked, “are you SURE I
won’t die?”

There I was, a first-time rider at Rhythm Ride. It was Sunday and this class was the condition
of a coffee date with two fellow riders already picking up speed on their bikes.
I had always wanted to try spin but as someone who once fainted on a normal cardio bike
during a 5-minute warm-up, I was nervous.

After 45 minutes of epic tunes, I was red-faced, sweaty and buzzing with post-workout

If you want to try Rhythm Ride at Luxe but are a little nervous like I was, here are my tips.

Choose your time to work out

So, this is the cardio bike fainter talking. For me, cardio CANNOT happen until I’ve eaten
and mostly digested a hearty breakfast so the 9:30 AM class rocks my world. Others
smash the 6:00 AM class on a banana. You do you but come with energy.

Go with a friend who spins

You will have to set up your bike for the first time and, if you’re feeling shy, it’s good to
have a wing rider.

No friend? No worries

We’re all wingmen here. Every time I start a new class I announce – I’m new like a little
duckling, help me! I promise you will have a cheer squad of rhythm riders helping
set up that bike.

Clickety Clack

Have you seen those Luxe Rhythm Riders clicking around on bike shoes? Don’t worry
about them, you don’t need those. Just slip your trainers into the foot cage and tighten
the strap.

Back off and watch

Rhythm Ride has moves baby, but it’s your first time so you won’t know them by name.
Choose a seat behind a seasoned rider and you’ll get the hang of it. Don’t forget, you’re in the rider’s seat
It takes a moment to get used to the gears. Want more effort? Give that dial another
spin. If it gets too much, reduce the resistance. Just keep those legs moving. Spin your
own race.

Remember your seat height for next time

I didn’t because I was blinded by the lights. That one was of the tunes. Lucky for me,
Luxe owner Carey Jackson remembered because she knows me better than I know

Book another class

I was amazed at how good my muscle memory was. I was tapping back and climbing with the best of them.

See you soon at Rhythm Ride. Look for my face and I’ll help you adjust your seat.

Belinda Nowell is a Luxe member and waited until 2021 to start her 2012 cardio goals. Click here to view our class schedule.

What’s your perception of Yoga?

By Sammy Gibson

Do you think that it is just fashionable and flexible females holding extravagant poses in exotic locations? A boring class of just stretching where you cannot switch off your busy mind? Something you cannot do due to an injury? 

We have heard it all. The truth is yoga is what you want and need it to be. Every yoga journey is different. Yoga can:

Increase muscle strength and tone
Improve respiration, energy and athletic performance
Protect your body from injury (and help with current ones) 
Increase flexibility, release muscle tension
Sharpen concentration and calm the nervous system
Help you lose weight and drop high blood pressure
Become a tool to manage and overcome stress and anxiety

Each class is your practise, your time. Yoga is a lifelong skill that takes time to build. Once you begin, you’ll come back for more to improve, to learn, to grow – mentally and physically. 
Our teachers love to guide beginners carefully through each sequence and to push members who are looking to challenge themselves. With Power Flow, Yin, Aerial Yoga, Slow Flow, Hip Hop Yoga and Soul Flow on the timetable, you can book into the type of yoga that your body and mind need for that day.

Click here to view our offers and to enquire about a $7 for 7 day trial.