Want to become a better rider?

By Sammy Gibson

We hold Rhythm Ride and Ride close to our hearts. Our neon-lit dark disco room with motivational quotes splashed on the walls is a place many of our members come to focus, let go, laugh and get seriously fit. It’s a total mind body experience and the benefits of increased fitness, a stronger heart and a calmer mind are all reasons why riders get so addicted. 

But what’s the secret to taking your fitness and ride to the next level? Cross training! Pimp your ride with classes that enhance your ability on the bike.

Here are some great cross training options. 


Our hip flexors are in a state of flexion while you cycle which can really tighten you up. To help loosen tight spots and combat imbalances, incorporate yoga into your weekly routine. A mix of Yin, Power Flow, Soul Slow and Aerial can really boost your balance, endurance and coordination which translates to stable figure 8s, deeper push downs, on-beat tap backs and longer standing sprints. Poses such as child’s pose, yogi squat and reclined pigeon will bring space into your hips while warrior III will strengthen your glutes. You’ll also be able to bring your ujjayi breathing practises into the bike room as you power through a hard track. Many of our Ride classes have a yoga class on straight afterwards, so you can really give those tight spots some love.

Pilates and Ab Smash

Your core muscles support your spine and they are the foundation from which all movement stems. Even though your legs are the main source of power while on the bike, it’s the core that will stabilise you and protect your lower back. Maximise your efficiency on the bike with Pilates and Ab Smash which are known to include killer core exercises such as scissor kicks, planks, single leg crunches and Russian twists.

Melt & Burn and Sculpt

Melt & Burn and Sculpt are two of our favourite classes that incorporate strength training which is essential for enhancing your performance on the bike. Lunges and squats will fire up the glutes, quads and hamstrings which are all vital for the perfect pedal stroke while burpees and kettlebell swings will cultivate the explosive power necessary for sprinting. Plus, building more muscle mass will help you ride faster and stronger while also preventing injury.

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