The secret to mastering gratitude

The reopening of the studio got us thinking…how do we continue this feeling of gratitude? How do we stay grateful for the little things we once took for granted?
Gratitude is a practice, an attitude. Something that needs to be worked at. Just like anything in life, if we want to be good at something we need to practise it. Here are three small practical actions you can take to bring gratitude into your life. 

What went well today?

Many of us believe that the way to practise gratitude is to sit down at the end of the day and write down the things that we are grateful for. We commit to this for a week before it slowly fizzles out. Why is that?
The question is too broad. We usually think of all the big things – family, friends, a home, a job. This doesn’t allow us to focus on the small things, so we tend to repeat ourselves and then lose interest. So what’s the secret to practising gratitude and sticking to it? Change the question. Ask yourself “what went well today?”. You can write one thing or ten but after a while, you’ll notice that you start to focus on all the small, sometimes hard to notice things that happen; the sunshine through your window, the kindness of a stranger in the coffee line or how you finally nailed a yoga pose you’ve been trying to master.

But first, let me take a selfie

Become the paparazzi in your life and get snapping. Whether you’re at home, out and about or with a friend, take some quick snaps of things that bring you joy. It could be a beautiful flower, your new favourite spin shoes or a new recipe you cooked. By keeping this small action at the front of your mind, you’ll start to become present in each moment which leads to a sense of grounding and mindfulness. Plus, you’ll have a plethora of happy content to look through when you need a pick me up.

Write someone a gratitude note

Once a month, write someone a letter of gratitude. It can be someone you see all the time or someone from your past, but this action has a profound impact on yourself and the person receiving your note. This will not only strengthen your relationship but it will also make you realise how lucky you are to have the people you do in your life. 

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