Remix your workout routine

By Sammy Gibson

Pre-lockdown you may have been a devoted yogi, HIIT enthusiast or hard-core rider. But we know lockdown made us reflect and reset, so now is a great time to mix up your previous routine with variety.

Here are a few of the benefits of incorporating a mix of classes into your routine.

You’ll stay motivated

When your weekly routine includes different styles of yoga, HIIT, Rhythm Ride, Ab Smash, Barre and Pilates, there’s no time for you to get bored! The excitement for something new each day will keep the motivation flowing. Plus, we have a collection of kick-arse instructors who bring a different flavour to each class so you can’t get complacent.

You’ll push past plateau

As we repeatedly do a certain class or exercise, our bodies get used to the demands of the workout and we can hit a ‘fitness plateau’. We can become unmotivated, and can stop seeing results. By keeping your body guessing each day with a different class, you’ll push past any plateau and see results in no time. 

You can prevent injuries 

Building strength from weights classes, fitness from cardio and flexibility from yoga will not only give you a well-rounded sense of fitness but it will also help prevent injuries as you give your body time to recover from each class. Doing Rhythm Ride on Mondays? Stretch out those hip flexors and glutes in Soul Flow or Power Flow on Tuesdays. Is your core on fire from Wednesday’s Ab Smash? Head to Yin the next day for a body and mind release. Don’t fell like going to the gym today? Go to Aerial Yoga for a playful class that tricks you into thinking it’s not a workout. By mixing it up, you’ll avoid overtraining one area of your body which in turn can avoid injury.

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