Five surprising benefits of yoga

Yoga improves strength, flexibility and mobility. It helps us manage anxiety and stress, and even prevents injury. But we feel you may have already known that. Here are five surprising benefits you might not know about yoga that’ll make you want to unroll your mat. 

You’ll sleep better

A consistent bedtime yoga routine can improve your sleep. Try a simple pose such as legs up the wall – where you lie on your back with your bum against the wall and your legs directly above you – and it will set your mind up for peace and relaxation before bed.

It’s a great detox

You’ll detox your digestive organs as the increased flow of oxygenated blood in a dynamic class such as Power Flow helps rid the body of toxins. Poses with twists are especially effective for a good detox.  

It will improve concentration

 We are easily distracted in this fast-paced digital age. During a class you’ll be concentrating on one pose which teaches your mind to focus on one single thing. This skill once learned can be applied to different areas of your life.

It makes you a better athlete

Yoga boosts your balance, endurance, coordination and strength in a low impact manner which lets your joints and tissue recharge from your usual exercise. So whether you’re a regular Rhythm Rider or Melt & Burn enthusiast, integrating yoga can help you shine wherever it matters most.

Improves your sex life 

Namaste in bed has a whole new meaning here. Yoga increases your energy, revs up the sex drive and can help you ‘stay the distance’.  

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