Rekindle your love for exercise

When life turns upside down it can be hard to keep your fitness mojo flowing and to keep a positive outlook. As we adapt to our everchanging environment, we need to find creative ways to motivate ourselves to ensure we are nurturing our physical and mental health.
We asked some of our regular LUXE members for their tips on staying motivated so you can rekindle your love for exercise.

Because “If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.” – Widad Akrawi. 

Living a lockdown life can leave us feeling sluggish, and finding your drive to exercise can be difficult. So to help find your fitness mojo we’ve had a chat to a few of our members who are smashing their fitness goals.
Here’s their top tips on how to stay motivated during lockdown. 

Set your intentions and create consistency

Charlotte says to book classes with the same commitment as an in-studio class. “I always add LUXE to my planning session on Fridays for the following week.” Claudia commits to early morning classes every day, “It really helps me with working from home as it’s the same time I exercised before lockdown. It makes me feel like I am still living a normal life.”

Tracey sets her intentions by putting her workout gear on first thing in the morning and dedicates a space to do her workouts without interruption. “Having my space makes it easier to commit, with the exception of my little cavoodle who loves my yoga mat. If I can commit to that routine weekend glass of wine, surely I can commit to my online schedule of fitness.” 

Keep it fresh

“Having the balance and variety of different workouts has definitely helped me stay motivated. One day I’m doing strength, cardio and spin and then yoga and yin the next. We are so lucky to have this at our fingertips.” says Tracey. 

As a diehard Rhythm Rider, Claudia has found the lockdown has encouraged her to step outside her comfort zone. “Lockdown has helped me to be a bit braver and try classes I have never tried before. More than anything though, I am always in a class because LUXE made it possible for me. Life has definitely changed since this lockdown has started and I deeply miss the studio, but the online timetable is great and the variety is awesome. What’s not to love?”

Chase the high

Liz focuses on how exercise makes her feel. “I always think ‘if I don’t do that class I’m not going to feel as good as I could’. I know the endorphins will lift my mood and I’ll feel energised.”
Tracey uses the same tactic, “We all know that ‘feel good exercise feeling’, combine that with daily walks, and feeling the sunshine and fresh air and I have the perfect mix.” 

Rest, nurture and keep perspective

Phoebe swears by getting enough sleep, “we may be more stagnant throughout the day during lockdown but if I don’t get enough rest at night, I’m always more prone to consider bailing on a workout”.

 Tracey acknowledges that some days you might not be up to exercising and accepting and owning this feeling is ok. “It’s ok to take a day of rest. You can do a LUXE pre-recorded yin class for a bit of recovery stretching.” 
Liz works at her desk all day and knows nurturing her body not only avoids injury but gets the blood flowing, “but more importantly at this time it’s about getting your mind right. Yoga does that for me. It helps me put perspective on things.”

Knowing we are all in this together

Phoebe and Claudia both love the social aspect of a live class which you cannot get from a pre-recorded YouTube video. Knowing they’ll see familiar faces and be accountable keeps them motivated. “It’s so nice to see everyone from the studio and knowing that we are all in this together. Keeps me a bit sane and I swear we always manage to still have a laugh and a bit of a chat even on zoom.” says Phoebe.

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