Flex your mental muscles

It’s not surprising that our yoga teachers use yoga as a way to keep them mentally and physically strong, but what other methods do they use to build and maintain a healthy mind? We spoke to Andy, Jen, Kristy and Lailla to find out how they flex their mental muscles everyday. 

Self-care on the daily

Self-care doesn’t always need to be big, bold and beautiful tasks that only happen on a certain day of the week. Self-care can be small, simple tasks that keep you physically and mentally strong each and every day. Jen is all about self-care every day as opposed to approaching it as a luxury. “Our family encourages early nights, sleep ins, healthy hearty food and getting creative with cooking. On Fridays we treat ourselves to takeaways and a family movie night.”

Get into nature

We are so blessed to live in an area with verdant lush bush, turquoise clear ocean and an abundance of animal and birdlife. We can literally hear laughing kookburras in the residential gum trees, see water dragons sunbathing on cliffside rocks and see dolphins dancing in the surf. Use our natural surroundings to rejuvenate your mind. 
Lailla ventures to the beach when she is in need of a pick-me-up. “I love to walk barefoot on the sand. My mind decompresses and I can readjust to a state of tranquility.”
Stick to a morning routine

Andy swears by sticking to a routine with feel-good rituals. “My morning routine guarantees I am in a positive mood to start the day. Habit and discipline give me the freedom to find joy”. She starts with meditation, a workout, a mood-boosting green smoothie, all followed by a walk, a podcast and a swim. “Podcasts help me stay positive and inspired. I recommend Jay Shetty: On Purpose.” says Andy.

Listen and be mindful

Kristy checks in with herself each day to see what she needs to shift her energy. “I’ll light some incense which transports me somewhere tropical and reignites my motivation, or I’ll put on music. Sometimes I need classical music, sometimes I need rock ‘n’ roll. Sometimes I just have a boogie in the living room, give myself a massage or roll around on the floor. It’s all about listening to what your soul needs.” She also uses mindfulness. “I’ll zone in and savour the juiciness of fruit or the flavour of chocolate. I’ll feast on the patterns in nature or star/moon gaze at dawn and dusk. Anything that helps me tune into me.”

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