How to follow your soul purpose

If lockdown has taught us anything it is the importance of pushing pause on our lives and allowing ourselves to stop and reflect. Lockdown not only clears our social calendar but also gives us space to re-evaluate our lifestyles. For many, this has allowed passions to be followed and paths to be re-routed.

LUXE is a lifestyle and we believe passion and purpose are two vital ingredients for our well-being, so we are sitting down with two of our teachers to find out how they corrected their course to follow their true purpose.

Embrace your Sasha Fierce

“I’ve always had a fear of public speaking,” says Sammy, “so I never thought I’d be able to become a Ride instructor, but something magical happens in that LUXE ride room where my fear disappears and my love for rhythm riding takes over. It’s almost like I have a Sasha Fierce moment”. With the encouragement from her spin instructor mum, Sammy pushed through her self-doubt and started teaching 6 am classes before her corporate city job. Getting up on stage in front of a room full of people would leave her shaking with panic before every class but the community vibe of LUXE soon evaporated that feeling and she ignited her alter ego. “I love the energy everyone brings to class. No matter what is happening in each other lives we ride and sweat it away while listening to funky tunes. It’s electric.”

Create mental space

The key is to create space for your mind to wander and to look inward to see what you want. Whether that’s meditation, yoga or time outdoors, carve out regular time to just be. For Lailla, it was attending a Breathwork workshop that gave her an epiphany. “I had studied at university and completed a course to become a Real Estate Agent as it was the most logical path I could choose. During a Shamanic Breathwork session, I had a deep realisation that I wasn’t on the right path.” Sammy on the other hand was forced to re-evaluate when COVID hit.  “I lost my job and apartment due to COVID and then a week later I found out I was pregnant with twins.” She had spent nearly ten years building a career in travel marketing and publishing and suddenly it all disappeared in a moment. “I loved my job but I was always so overworked and stressed due to long hours, tight deadlines and high-pressure projects. I chose to focus my energy in the wellness space and it just blossomed from there. I finally had the mental space to spend extra time getting to know the LUXE members, focus on crafting and critiquing my classes and learn new styles of fitness while building my freelance Content and Marketing business. I was so nervous to follow a new path but LUXE supported me every step of the way.”

Listen to that little fire inside of you

You know that ember that sizzles within you when you silence all the self-doubt and imagine what you want out of life. Give it oxygen, let it burn wild. “I had been ignoring my soul purpose and my ego was blocking my passion,” says Lailla. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery and started a mentorship on Shamanic practices followed by yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. There was no turning back. She was deeply in love with spiritual work. “Everything became crystal clear and the transition to this new path became smooth and easy”. Lailla now runs breathwork workshops at LUXE and wellness retreats while teaching yoga classes. “I love creating a space where people have the opportunity to connect to themselves. It fills my soul with joy”. 

14 months on and Sammy cannot picture life any other way. “I felt like the odds were against me when I first set out on this new path but now I cannot believe my new normal. I live in paradise with my little family doing what I love every day. My day becomes brighter every time I enter the studio, whether that’s to teach, to attend a class or just for a coffee. I’ve never felt so content and at peace! I could not have done it without the supportive community of LUXE – Carey, Fi, the teachers, the members, they are my tribe”.

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