There’s no stopping you

By Sammy Gibson

“I’m not flexible enough”
“I don’t have time”
“I can’t switch off”
“It doesn’t give me a good workout”

These are some of the excuses we hear about skipping yoga as part of a well balanced fitness program.
We want to set the record straight by addressing some common myths about yoga so you can find your flow.

Yoga isn’t a strong workout

If you believe this, then you haven’t tried our Powerflow, Flow Fit, Aerial Yoga or Hip Hop Yoga classes. These stronger, vinyasa style classes that will give you a serious workout as well as an all over stretch. Powerflow and Hip Hop Yoga are dynamic, sweaty classes that synchronise movement and breath in a continuous flow of poses to good tunes. Flow Fit is combination of yoga and strength moves, definitely raising the heart rate while working on defining muscle tone. You’ll become stronger and leaner in Aerial Yoga as you learn to progress safely through sequences in the hammock using muscles you never knew you had. 

Yoga is too time consuming

We offer 45, 60 and 90 minute classes for those that are conscious of time. If you have time to spare, we have Powerflow and Yin scheduled straight after each other and a special Soulful Sunday class so you can invest more time in your practise when it suits you.
All yoga is the same

It’s easy to think that all yoga classes are the same. It’s just stretching, right?Yoga has many styles; from strong vinyasa styles (Powerflow, Hip Hop and Flow Fit) that take you through challenging sequences to slow, relaxing styles with long holds (Yin, Slow Flow and Soulful Sunday), our styles are crafted to give you what you need. Click here to read about each one.  

Yoga will instantly make you a happier and calmer person 

While attending one class can leave you feeling lighter, it isn’t a fast track to instantly becoming a relaxed yogi. The real beauty of yoga is that it is a life long skill that you can build on every time you walk into the studio. It will help you dive deeper into yourself, which in the long run can help work through mental and emotional angst. Yoga asanas provide more than just physical benefits, and can help to alleviate anxiety and stress through focus and breath.
It’s only for young, flexible women

Our yoga classes are filled with a diverse mix of men and women. Surfers, tradies, corporate powerhouses, stay-at-home parents, retirees, university students and locals from all walks of life. What makes our Luxe community so special is that we all come from different backgrounds and unite over our passion for health and wellness, and not taking ourselves too seriously

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