Why I joined LUXE in the middle of lockdown

By the time we hit our second lockdown on the Northern Beaches at Christmas I knew I
couldn’t go another round of Zoom cocktail parties and sleep ins. So, while everyone was
frantically putting gym memberships on hold, I bucked the trend and joined Luxe Yoga &
Fitness. I had never done a single class in the studio.

I mean, why not? I had space to roll out my mat and it was either that or make Margaritas and eat biscuits all lockdown.

I discovered there were huge benefits to joining a gym with virtual classes in the middle of lockdown

  • You can try new classes without feeling self-conscious
  • You can roll your mat out the night before and then fall onto it a minute before the class starts
  • Extra rest breaks without repercussions, sorry not sorry Jamai!
  • Structuring your day like you’re in jail makes the time go quicker. My routine for example; virtual yoga – press conference with Gladys – cup of tea – walk dog – run – margarita on the rocks with salt (because we all need rewards)
  • Extra quality time with your pets because your dog thinks the yoga mat is theirs
  • Your children make friends with other children as they photobomb your downward dog
  • You connect with friendly faces and if you’re feeling lonely, you can come back for another class in the afternoon without battling peak hour traffic
  • Pyjamas. They’re basically baggy activewear
  • The children are locked down too so you can finally try that Luxe class that usually clashes with all of the after school activities
  • Because after lockdown ends… that spin class is going to hurt soooo bad after 14 days of Margaritas and no exercise

See you on Zoom!

Belinda’s picks for lockdown:

Monday: Virtual Strength & Define with Jamai E
Tuesday: Virtual Barre with Tamila
Wednesday: Virtual Power Flow with Anthony
Thursday Double Up!!
AM Virtual Strength & Define with Jamai and PM Virtual Yin Yoga with Bella
Friday: Virtual Pilates with Janika

2 thoughts on “Why I joined LUXE in the middle of lockdown

  1. Please email membership detail. I live in curl curl and would love to try a spin class once out of lock down. It has been awhile and I hit 50 in December. And might try yoga whilst in lockdown.
    Appreciate your time.


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