Workout your soundtrack

By Belinda Nowell. Find her on instagram @belindanowell

Have you ever gone for a run blasting Eye of the Tiger?
Found yourself singing as you power walk to Run the World by Beyonce?
Tried to keep down your mum’s spaghetti to Lose Yourself by Eminem?
You probably crushed it far better than you would listening to Simon & Garfunkel’s The
Sound of Silence.*

That’s human biology at work. Our brain is just waiting for a tune or rhythm to slice through
the relentless noise of our busy lives. Those beats with powerful lyrics pump us up.

Let’s set the scene. It’s 9:25am on a Wednesday morning at Luxe. Mats are fanned out in a circle
around the studio with people chatting and pretending to stretch. The author of this article
is almost surely studying the buckets of weights thinking, is today the day I graduate to 2kg?
Emma walks in, grabs a Pilates ring and, on cue, the internal chatter of 22 participants
“How many seconds in 45 minutes?”
“I shouldn’t have had that wine last night.”
“I should have drunk that coffee earlier.”
“Far out, I didn’t go to the toilet. Don’t jump.”
“I wonder if there are any 1kg weights left…”

Emma presses play and something magical happens. “Music make me lose control, music
make me lose control.” Missy Elliott blasts and you’re suddenly tapping your toes and
twitching your hips. Motivation kicks in and suddenly the internal chatter is silenced. You’re so deep in the zone of the music that you hardly notice you’re exercising.

In your mind, you’re taking to the stage because there’s still plenty of time to become a rock
star. In the class, your legs are squatting, your biceps are curling and you hit the 45 minute
mark, sweaty and energised. You also make a mental note to remember that song you
hadn’t heard for ages.

It’s time to start your own playlist. Save your favourites from class and play them when you
need that extra energy boost.

Epic workout songs our instructors are loving right now:

Dan C
Rhythm Ride
Losing it by Fisher

Sammy G
Melt & Burn, Rhythm Ride
Strong – High Contrast Remix by London Grammar

Emma C
Sculpt, Rhythm Ride
Pump it up by Endor

Jennica W
Ride, Power Flow, Yin
Survivor by 2WEI

Lailla S
Power Flow, Yin, Aerial Yoga
Your Love by ATB, Topic & A75


*And just for the record…we love Simon & Garfunkel. Sound of Silence is a legendary song
and so juicy for a nourishing yoga flow or cool down.

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