How to stay motivated in winter

Get your workout clothes ready the night before

If you are booked in for an early class, make sure you are organised when that 530am alarm chimes at the crack of dawn. It’s a little too easy to swipe snooze and fall back to sleep in winter so by setting your intentions the night before and having your workout clothes next to the bed you can jump straight out of bed and get dressed before an excuse sinks in.

Set your heater to turn on 20 minutes before your alarm

It’s hard waking up early in the dark. It’s even harder in the cold. Set an oil heater timer to start warming your room 20 minutes before you wake up so leaving those snuggly blankets isn’t so hard.

Pre plan your workout week

Log onto your Luxe Yoga & Fitness app at the beginning of the week and preplan all your classes. Book ahead and stick to each one like you would an appointment.

Write out your why

Focus on your why!  Are you going to Power Flow to feel stronger and leaner ? Instead of thinking “I’ll go to yoga today” say to yourself “I’ll become stronger and leaner today by going to Power Flow”. Write your why on the fridge or on a notepad next to your bed – anywhere it will come into your path during your day. Focusing on the why will keep you going. 

Exercise when it suits you

Everyone is different. Figure out when you love to exercise. If you have never been a morning person but social media says you should be doing 6 x 615am classes a week then your instantly setting yourself up for failure. If evening or mid morning is when you like to exercise – keep with that. The easier you make it to go to class, the likelihood you will go.

Don’t wait for motivation to show up

There will be some days when you just cannot be bothered. All you want to do is snuggle up and eat spaghetti. We’ve all been there. Put your trainers on and your favourite workout song and see how you feel. These two simple acts can spark motivation. By the time you arrive at the studio the fragrant aroma of incense, soft lighting, funky music, neon-lit ride room and friendly gym goers will get you in the mood. Still don’t feel like leaving the house? Book into our virtual classes so you can get moving in the comfort of your own home.

Be kind to yourself

If you miss a day or over indulge in cosy meals, it’s not a problem! Reset and get back on track tomorrow! 

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