How to achieve wellness

By Sammy Gibson

We are all guilty of it. You find a style of exercise that you love and stick to, only to find that after a while your fitness starts to plateau and lack of motivation creeps in. Variety is the answer. To achieve wellness, our minds AND bodies need constant adjustments to see results. Diversifying your routine is key. Mix it up with different styles of yoga, strength and sculpting classes, meditation, boxing or spin, and you’ll not only stay focused, motivated and energised but you’ll also see great fitness results. 

Some tips on how to switch it up and stick to it: 

Pre book your classes for the week
Every Sunday, sit down and book your classes in advance. Add or sync them to your calendar and commit to each one like you would an appointment.

Bring a friend
Every new routine needs a support person. Make it a date and have coffee at our onsite cafe after class to reward yourself for sticking to your goals ! 

Try one thing outside your comfort zone
Whether this is giving Aerial Flow a go, sitting on a different bike in Rhythm Ride, upping your weights or pushing yourself to the next level in yoga, by pushing ourselves a little each week you’ll start to see results.

Take time to recover
A change in routine will leave your body sore for all the right reasons so book in a massage or kinesiology session in one of our treatment rooms. 

Commit for at least 21 days
Research shows it takes 21 days to create a habit. Commit to your new varied routine for 21 days and see how you feel on the 22nd day! We promise you’ll be feeling refreshed, re-energised, lighter and inspired.

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