What’s your perception of Yoga?

By Sammy Gibson

Do you think that it is just fashionable and flexible females holding extravagant poses in exotic locations? A boring class of just stretching where you cannot switch off your busy mind? Something you cannot do due to an injury? 

We have heard it all. The truth is yoga is what you want and need it to be. Every yoga journey is different. Yoga can:

Increase muscle strength and tone
Improve respiration, energy and athletic performance
Protect your body from injury (and help with current ones) 
Increase flexibility, release muscle tension
Sharpen concentration and calm the nervous system
Help you lose weight and drop high blood pressure
Become a tool to manage and overcome stress and anxiety

Each class is your practise, your time. Yoga is a lifelong skill that takes time to build. Once you begin, you’ll come back for more to improve, to learn, to grow – mentally and physically. 
Our teachers love to guide beginners carefully through each sequence and to push members who are looking to challenge themselves. With Power Flow, Yin, Aerial Yoga, Slow Flow, Hip Hop Yoga and Soul Flow on the timetable, you can book into the type of yoga that your body and mind need for that day.

Click here to view our offers and to enquire about a $7 for 7 day trial.

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